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Busa Turbo Build Part1
Busa Turbo Build Part2
Busa Turbo Build Part3

Busa turbo build picked this up as an ongoing project previouse owner douggy is a mate of mine who had a bit of bad luck when after it had spent time getting work done on it the mechanic who was test riding it managed to get some dick head who ran him over while stationary

damage was front end wrecked and frame damaged which were replaced then got offered to me to finish the job so went up to scotland and trailered it back leaving douggy with my k3

first thing i did was sit back look at it i love busas not the pretiest bike naked but ive always wanted one and i also wanted to build another fighter the turbo was a plus but it really dont need one i had to put my marc on it and the bike had lots of quality parts on it but not the way i would have put it together so within a week engine was out of the frame and bike was in peices first thing i wanted to do was get infills made up to get the gap

between the frame and tank sorted and also to get the frame powdercoated black also noticed that the frame had lugs on it that were of no use to me so get rid of those also sent the bike to a mate in newcastle (dave) who straight away said that he could make the tank look like one piece and would flow better dave did his magic and also sorted the frame out

whilst he was at it i decided i wanted the turbo boost in the tank and also a thermo for cooling again dave came up trumps first attempt we both agreed dident work so with the help of jim and steve we decided to put them in the tank and not showing. dave got the general idea put a little bit of a twist to it and it came out spot on biggest issue we had was if i had guessed the depth right

whilst all that was getting sorted i turned my attention to the front of the bike and decided it needed beefing up so got a set of thug yokes made up, with one off risers to fit the k8 front end some renthal drag bars and brembo clutch and brake master cylinders

got some rizzoma resoviours also wanted to change the clocks as they stood out to far so got hold of a set of motogadget clocks which worked well on the front. i hate indicators so did what i did on my last fighter and hid then under the master cylinders front light was a nightmare its all been done before was going to look at a mask but got put off it ended up looking at a yamaha unit which id seen on dans gsx and jims fighter dan sourced it for me (just motorcycles.net) and also made up the clock and headlight brackets which made the healight looks like it floating

next port of call was some wiring and tubbing, starter and electrics werte bunched up under the seat and the coolent bottle under the hump plan was to extend the starter and extras into the seat hump and replace the coolent bottle with an alloy unit external to the bike another issue was the ignition needed to be moved as it would look crap on the yokes so made up a mount and put it in the engine bay

whilst the engine was out picked up some samco hoses and refitted went for blue to break up the colour as i wanted it stealth but too muck black can make it look bland had to cut into them when i relised the motogadget clock dont have a themo reading on them and put in a sender replaced some bolts and gave the engine a clean down put the engine back into a lovely satin black frame and bolted it all back together coolent bottle remounted at the front and just checked all nuts and bolts

the busa had an zxr shock which i dont think was man enough for the job so repalced that with a busa 04 shock re.polished the spondon arm and highlited the logo put on a wavy rear disc from my old gsxr replaced the rear brake line and re-routed used my old nos bottle anf guage (not plumbed in yet thats for the future) had to do some work on the rear seat to make it fit right and got scott to make me up a numberplate tidy out of billet alloy picked up an led strip from custom dynamics which acted as brake stop and indicators and kept the undertray totally clean

so pretty much there before i painted the tank checked to see if the tank was airtight it leaked just like dave said it would and he did say its an easy fix he had done all the hardwork fabricating the tank so no issues. more worried about sending it back to him and it getting damaged in transport which had happened once already saying that when i approched several people about doing the job all i got was the oh its going to be expensive we got to take the filler out bla bla bla it looked like i was going to have to pet seal it did some reaserch and that was a defenate no no so went hunting again and came accross a bloke local who took one look at it said no prob done in two days cheap as chips as dave said no biggy just got to watch out for the rip off merchants

paint time loads of ideas in the end called jim down to my garage and we went over differant things ended back at my original plan keep the tank black white stripe it with a blue pinstripe that would flow with the blue and alloy billet petrol cap and samcos get some billet suzuki s as a logo,decided not to paint the gsxr k5 carbon seat unit just continue the stripes through it which would also tie it in with carbon frontguard and just a bit of polishing thank god, dave the painter pretty much spent two weeks swearing at me he had a lot of work to do filling and profiling the tank and decided he dident like the tank just black and put some flake in it came out well i think

last job was to get my steering damper fitted and it was a tight fit in keeping with trying to keep the bikes lines clean opted for a 916 style fitting which sorted out that issue d day approched which believe it or not i was not looking forward to as the bike had not been started from the day i recieved it till 7 months later jim came down for moral support and we hit the button it fired up no prob sounds great passed its mot mechanic took it for a spin said it wasent fuelling right got it home and decided to take it for a spin to clear its throat and yep it was defenatly playing up so booked in with ken cooper the master biggest issue was getting hold of a lead for the race ecu (great having all these trick parts not great if you need to get work done) eventually ken got what he needs and sorting he found loads of issues wastgate sticking no boost or boost no fuel and loads of other stuff hes findings as he goes along but hes getting there so hopefully on the road in the next couple of weeks ohh the joys of building a special

june2011 so far its been a bloddy nightmare if it can go wrong it has starting with 2 weeks for a lead for the ecu better than spending 160 on buying one i supose one fuel hose was fractured,
sorted. bike was running lean on dyno hugh misfire no power after 180bhp. inspect and balance t/bs repaired pick up wire and replumbed turbo smart and rewired still wouldent respond to mapping
stripped out plennnum and throttle boddies checked pump and filter found the filter was fucked like proper fucked throttle bodies had bent butterfly repaired and replaced filter. re balanced
back on the dyno was better but now massively rich remapped but kept drifting in and out so contacted sbd for info and took the bike to sbd for fault finding looks like the software was 4 years old got the ecu software upgradded and found the compensations inputed wrong so adjusted
t/bs still playing up and coolent sensor not steady, some more rewiring and change coolent sensor. back on dyno starts to map and run ok keeps loosing boost
furthur inspection in the workshop found that the headers were cracked,all the way around (main section were it goes 4 into one)
so good news all the probs found so far headers comming off monday when i get back from work then probably off to stainless dave to weld them up properly then back to ken to remap
bike rides lovely and he sorted out the throttle issue just needs to come onto boost recon kens used up a lot of favours on my behalf ,will post up the fucked headers once i got them off ,so much for rebuild and ride was showing over 300bhp on kens dyno but instruction to ken is not about the numbers its about usability so see what he comes up with

july 2011 update Not a good day took took the turbo off in the process managed to damage the oil cooler,so need to buy a new one,headers wouldent come off the turbo on solid ,
off down to dans who managed to get three out last stud had to be cut off so now the turbo has to go down to a shop to get the remainder of the stud removed properly,
when he removed the headers as well as being cracked the metal gasket was split so another reason for loosing boostand city link failed to pick up the headers that need to get to dave for welding

what a couple of weeks
a big thank you to dan for sorting out the studs in the turbo, dave for welding and turning the headers around in 24 hours,esm for getting the header flange milled flat in one day
and kjb busa for the oil cooler and not forgetting exilefor giving us a hand to put the turbo back onall sorted and on the road rode great love the sound of the turbo winding up not sure what its currently pushing but its going back to kens to sort the idling and remap the turbo
got its studio shoot done today thanks will rob dave a good day out

whats next looking at a laminova oil cooler to sort out the clearance of the original cooler also they look trick sfc sorting me out a one off carbon headlight cover and a carbon cover for the air induct,looking into a new windowed clutch cover and possibly a wider rear wheel without getting silly, guaranteed will do more but for now just happy owning and rebuilding a busa turbo fighter

September 2011 laminova cooler fitted radiator welded up bracket had come loose also time insert sorted out for the sump thanks bill carbs synced up and now balanced went onto bills dyno running rich at approx 3500 revs but hey pushing 120bhp on pretty much idle so bills sorting out contact for me to get the mapping sorted out over the next 2 weeks should see 280bhp easy Update mbe system ecu not motad as first thought still a good unit but looks like we are going to have to buy the leads to map it software is available free so looks like bill will get the job to map it up

October 2011 leads bought original mapping sent to us via hole shot on bills dyno and not boosting hours of mucking about max boost 3psi looks like the 3bar mapping sensor is faulty so bill managed to get one trade, and back on the dyno, boost shows 9psi then drops back to 3 so still an issue.hour later found that the plenham chamber was trying to eject itself and was loose on 3/4 throttle bodies the result 15 mn later 175bp @ 6psi then 216bhp @ 7psi and last run 242bhp @ 8psi

left the bike at blls recons we still have leak so still looking for the missing 40 horses:) graph on photo album

jan 2012 ok reasons for loss of boost turbo knackered rebuilt with heavy duty seals latest updates got the bike home went to start it not starting tried everything spoke to sbd who talked me through my mapping sent him the map within 10 mins sent the map back tweeked ,bad tooth problem sorted . running the bike goes fine till you hit 90 then bogs down, so checked everything fuel pressure coils and so on no change took the bike down to tim blakemore racing within 2 mins sorts the problem tps wired wrong dyno shows 240 low boost high boost disangaged wants to redo it should be 320 on high when sorted

had a run into london bike was still bogging down took it to daves the busa god, throttle bodies were poping furthur checks the throttle bodies were all damaged were they drilled them through to fit heavy duty injectors and repaired them with chemical metal and sealent .........so new fucking throttle boddies aquired thanks dave

bogging down again whats left to change everthing pointed to the pump failing so new punp whilst i was at it changed all the fuel lines remounted the pump in the rear so i had straight lines to the fuel rails changed the fuel filter still an issue long story short, fuel cap wasent venting properly soon as we modded it runs brilliant loads of boost its nuts so most of summer spent riding

some other bits updated new lock up clutch fitted,lsl grips crash protection and billet head light bracket now all fitted picked up a 2008 radiator in mint condition with two fans had to mod a few things like the thermal switch and running this rad let me mount the cooler bottle againt the rad bike now runs cool overheating issue sorted looking at my old cooler was proper fucked

changed the filter for a pipercross unit which flows more air and mounted a gel filled boost guage the other one i had was jumping all over the place under boost used a lsl bracket to finish it off ohh yea and sorted out my crap looking brake discs all polished now

jobs for winter 2013 get some polishing done looking a bit tired new billet brackets made up for the boost guage mount. some paint on the tailpiece get the secondry boost sorted warp speed to make up a windowed clutch cover some guages for the swingarm and poss an air shifter

jan 2015 aint really had time to update so new mounts made up for guages window clutch cover made by warp speed fan overide switch fitted swing arm had an air leak so wouldent hold 120psi eventually fixed the leak new aircompressor box made up and orient express air shifter fitted with cut out switch in frame and quick push fittings re did the wiring due to having to put air solonoid in the engine bay and also fitted a pressure switch to auto fill the arm inbetween shifts.also put a new guage on the front to measure the swingarm pressure carbon fibre frame guards now fitted and carl is currently making a one off carbon fly screen and carbon inserts for the subframe to hide some wiring .... next job to do is re-locate the fusebox under the seat currently in the engine bay

aug 2015 electrics redone new roaring toys swingarm and 240section wheel fitted had to do some work to get the chain run right offset sprocket / new wavw disc modded rear brake caliper also had to fab up a new air shifter container and redo air lines new carbon fly screen made up and all hydrodipped also put on a gearshift indicator and fabbed up a bracket to hide it and fitted twin muzzy ally fans to keep it cool

2016 May running issues investication found timming out 6 shims out bike wouldent tick over correctly dave had a look valves buggered so new head fitted valves ect did some work on the fuelling running great electric quick shifter fitted, throttle bodies cleaned up new pump fitted and put back in the engine bay re done the way the fuel reg was plumbed in and fitted new fuel filter ,tank was repainted and hydrodipped and showa mask fitted front calipers replaced with r1 monoblock silver spot calipers hugh differance front wheel hydrodipped

feb 2017 It never ends :} wasent happy with the mask made up some new brackets so i could get it closer to the forks and drop it lower repainted black made up a belly pan to fit and carl cleaned it up and painted it changed front discs to wave discs ride height adjuster fitted moved fuel pump connectors under the seat tracker fitted made up a carbon insert in the frame to replace the alley one thant looked shit fitted new stax water temp guage and fuel pressure guage in the pods in the tank

Updates 2018 Time for a full refresh. so new 2004 frame all extras ground off and frame notched to take roaring toys 240 section arm and tyre
subframe inserts welded in and all powder coated black ,swing arm powdercoated black
Engine repainted satin black all external covers powder coated black
all nuts and bolts replaced,turbo repainted and polished
New pegs satin black 1mm taken off front sproket to get chain run right
tank stripped repainted had some issues with rust so repaired and all internals resealed
rear end repainted colour graphite and silver
mask repainted satin black  
ripped out all the electrics and started again used the
motogadget blue and halved the wiring now completly keyless,  mbe fuel managment
loom left alone. rectifer replaced and ecu now in the rear end of the bike, starter relay re-located beside battery
yokes repolished and annodised black,radiator spaced out to clear charge tube
rear set spacer plates made up to move pegs furthur back all blue samcos replaced with black items
all switchgear changed 5 buttons control everything, all  wiring through the handelbars, bar end indicators, new ultra white bulbs in mask and added led running lights
r1 throttle housing moded to fit ,manual choke fitted in engine bay hidden compressor for air horns

stuff to do 2019 front forks redone and annodised black and engine breather sorted and tank repained some little issues need resolving

people to say thanks to usall suspects dave bruno for engine work and getting it running properly gary from rims reborn for repair and painiting ,oncus, exile, cavy . dave for the outsanding fab work on the tank and frame.sfc for paint and toch up work on the platics, scott fab work. dan at just motorcycles bill (dynomut) for help on the turbo first stages.Tim Blackemoor for set up .oss & dtp for help and encouragement and again dave bruno who stopped me scrapping the bike when i had enough and most importantly my mrs and daughter elise who aint happy that its got a single seat:)

The Spec:

Engine: hayabusa 2004 fully stripped and rebuilt new mains and big ends
cylinder head had the valve seats re-cut and lapped and some minor porting
bearings and seals heavy duty headstuds
heavy duty clutch springs
forged je pistons, barrel spacer
modded clutch basket billet clutch slave support bracket
garrett gt25/28 turbo charger tial 38mm wastegate small dump pipe k&n filter
alloy plenham chamber samco hoses inline thermo cooling sender hayabusa 2008 radiator with twin muzzy fans modded thermal switch psyco works lock up clutch, side mounted laminova oil cooler one off clutch cover electric quick shifter, new head 2016 fitted by dave bruno with loads of fettling and engine mods by him

Frame: hayabusa 2004 frame lugs cut off and ram air ducts smoothed down powder coated frame modded aprillia /gsxr subframe billet coolent bottle lsl crash protection one off ram ait insert carbon fiber frame protector one off alley inserts welded in subframe

Front end: hayabusa 2008 forks radials,2008 front wheel ,carbon mudguard, billet thug yokes, brembo rs brake and clutch master cylinders, wave discs rizzomo res, renthal drag bars, one off risers, motogadget clocks and idiot lights, sf mask, one off clock bracket lsl billet headlight brackets, matris steering damper with 916 style mounting bracket 120/70/17 pirelli diablo tyre boost guage with lsl bracket lsl front axle protection yamaha r1 monoblock silver spot calipers and black brided lines

Rear end: roaring toys 4 inch over swingarm with 240 section r/t wheel with wavy disc harris adjustable rearsets, ,240/50/17 pirelli diablo tyre, lsl lift ups ,gp style rear brake resoviour modded rear brake caliper one off billet number plate mount with custom dynamics leds ride height adjuster

Bodywork: standard hayabusa 2004 tank modified to fit frame stax fuel pressure guage and temp built into the tank gsxr k6 carbon seat unit painted with busa logo shomoto rep headlight mask universal belly pan modded to fit carbon infill in frame

Electrics: one off loom for aux, mbe busa specific loom for engine m,ment,, aux in seat hump one off billett plate tidy with built in flush mounting brake,tail,indicators leds, fuel m,ment MBE 9A4 ECU - modified harness to suit ecu- 3 bar map sensor - bosch hd fuel pump with armoured fuel lines ,heavy duty fuel injectors with new throttle bodies top hats and clips,2 stage boost controller new regulator rectifier , when set up at holeshot stage 1 287.6 r/w bhp 178.8 lb of torque (150lb of torque produced @ 5000rpm high boost set up produced 320bhp fan mod to allow manual control cooling. cut off switch for air compressor in frame.

motogadget keyless ignition

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